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Germany Beats US as Second Source of Traffic During the World Chess Championship Match

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Google analytics data for November 23, 2014, the final round of the Match. Source: AGON

On the final day of the World Chess Championship, November 23, there were over 2 million visitors to the official website. 13 percent came from Germany — a surprising number given that no German grandmaster was playing in the Match.

Germany beat the U.S. as second source of traffic to the World Chess Championship site. “We noticed high interest in the match coming from Germany”, said Ilya Merenzon, CEO of Agon, the match organizer. “We’ve been told by German journalists who worked at the match, that chess article were on the ‘most read’ list. The reporters seemed both surprised and excited. We’d be thrilled to build on this interest and bring major chess events to Germany,” adds Merenzon.

According to the data released by Agon, India was Number 1 source of traffic with 18 percent, Germany second with 13, and the US - third with 12 percent. Other major sources of traffic came from the UK, France, Italy, Netherlands, and Sweden.